Square Announces Orders API

Today, Square announced its new Orders API. With the API, developers can build solutions that allow buyers to place orders online, in-person and in-app. Orders can be sent to Square sellers using a Square POS product or to a custom central POS point. This is Square's latest move beyond payments and towards its larger goal to "create the future of commerce."

"Over the past few years, the Square developer team has released tools that enable developers to build solutions that take payments in-person, online and in mobile apps," Carl Perry, Square Developer Platform Lead, commented in a press release. "Now, our robust suite of APIs take the platform a step further and enable developers to create full, scalable and buyer-friendly commerce experiences for merchants of all sizes, across a variety of industries."

With Square now covering both POS and orders, retailers can eliminate the multi-vendor conundrum that has historically frustrated their efficiency. A single vendor for hardware, software, order management, POS and more is Square's aim. Further, it is the foundation of the "future of commerce" goal.

The Order API uses HTTPS for calls, as do all Square APIs. The hosting solution must allow for dynamic pages with server-side scripting. HTML-only hosting solutions are not currently supported. After credentials are set and the API client is created, developers need to create ad-hoc line items. Finally, orders are created using ad-hoc line items. For more information, check out the API docs.

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