Square Announces Terminal API Beta

Square has announced the beta release of its new Square Terminal API. Through the API, developers can integrate the Square Terminal with their own POS systems. That includes mobile platforms, web, desktop, anything. All payment types are supported, including touchless, NFC technology.

To integrate a POS system with the Square Terminal, call the Devices API to generate a Device Code. The Device Code needs to display to the user. When the user logs into the Square Terminal with the Device Code, the device will be ready to receive checkout requests from the integrated system.

Once integrated, the POS system calls Create Terminal Checkout with the payment amount. The device prompts the buyer for payment. If the payment succeeds, Square notifies the integrated system through Webhooks that the sale can be closed. Visit the API docs to learn more.

The beta is available in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. While in the beta stages, Square encourages feedback through its developer community and Square Developer Forums. Check out the documentation to learn how to get started and access API Reference docs. As always, look for updates at the Square blog and Twitter feed.

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