Square E-commerce API brings Square Services to Third Party Systems

SquareTrack this API, best known for its mobile payments hardware and software, has introduced an E-commerce API that allows third party POS systems to integrate with Square's payment processing services. The core benefit of the API is the single view of all payments, regardless of through what system or Platform the payment was received. The API can be integrated into websites, whether custom developed or self-hosted.

On the backend, those who integrate with the E-commerce API receive all the benefits of those who use Square's traditional hardware and software. Users gain full access to Square's billing system and subscription APIs. Accordingly, the need to chase down payments or set up a standalone billing systems is unnecessary.

Payments processed through the E-Commerce API appear in the Square merchant's dashboard (i.e. the same dashboard seen by merchants who utilize the Square reader). The API supports most credit cards. The API is integrated via a small JavaScript Library on the merchant's webpage. The library embeds a secure credit card form (i.e. SpPaymentForm). A buyer enters credit card information into the form and submits. The website obtains a one-time-use token that expires in 24 hours. The page submits the token to the application server with the charge amount. The server sends payment details to the Charge Endpoint and Square responds with payment results. The result is sent back to the webpage and the buyer sees the payment result.

The E-Commerce API greatly expands the realm of Square's potential market. SwiftHero is an early adopter of the API and described using the API as "effortless, which is what everyone is starting to expect." Merchants are charged 2.2% per online transaction (as opposed to teh 1.9% transaction fee associated with in-person payments via Square hardware). Check out the API docs to learn more.

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