Squarelink Access Tool for Blockchain Apps and API have Launched

A new startup has just launched that aims to solve a major problem when using blockchain - the inability to recover lost private keys. When a Blockchain private key is lost, it is impossible to recover. However, newly launched Squarelink provides an access tool for blockchain apps and services that makes it possible for users to recover lost private keys securely. Squarelink says that its core technology “allows users to sign up, sign in, and sign transactions using only a username and password.” And the founder’s description of Squarelink is “it's like OAuth for DApps.”

The startup has also launched Squarelink for Developers which will provide tools, including the Squarelink API, to integrate Squarelink with Decentralized applications (DApps). The Squarelink APITrack this API allows blockchain applications to retrieve transactions, data, and user account information upon permission by the user. The startup plans on building wrappers for its public REST API for common languages and frameworks including (but not limited to) Go, Java, Node.js, Python, and SWIFT. Using app client-secret keys, Squarelink will be able to monitor active users and API consumption per application. The startup also plans on releasing open source client SDKs soon. Documentation for the API can be found on the Squarelink developer site.

“In the past few years, as the blockchain community has grown, there have been some important advancements. But we still haven’t seen an access tool for blockchain apps and services that securely addresses private key recovery and management,” said Squarelink CEO and co-founder Nick Slavin, in a prepared statement. “Squarelink changes that with a user-friendly access tool that can bring the benefits of blockchain to much wider audience. Organizations that previously couldn’t find an entry point into blockchain now have a way to harness its immense benefits.”

For more information about Squarelink, visit https://squarelink.com.

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