SRC Demographics API

SRC, a provider of geographic business intelligence software announced this week the release of a new API: A "dashup" as they call it:

Data services readily available to add to developer mashups. The FreeDemographics API lets developers embed business intelligence content including, market, consumer and corporate data directly into a website with JavaScript. As the industry's first demographics API, developers will be able to add data to their mashups in less than five minutes delivering business intelligence content at Web speed.

* Deliver a dashup of U.S. Census data for any geography including zip codes, cities, counties, states, etc. -- making demographic information publicly available on any Web site

* Pull back complete reports of census information for a specific region by identifying a street address or intersection

* Data, geography, country, GIS and Web mapping API independence allowing the developer to run FreeDemographics in any application regardless of source, format or country of origin

* Request charts and data from FreeDemographics without the requirement of a map mashup

* Free access to SRC's Explorer geocoder, the industry's only geocoder that is country independent, enabling developers in any country with a cartographic database to geocode any geographic component for international applications

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