SSE: Simple Sharing Extensions

Ray Ozzie, Microsoft's CTO, went public on Monday with their plans for extensions to RSS known as SSE (Simple Sharing Extensions): "Using RSS itself as-is for synchronization wasn't really an option. That is, RSS is primarily about syndication — unidirectional publishing — while in order to accomplish the 'mesh' sharing scenarios, we'd need bi-directional (actually, multi-directional) synchronization of items. The new technology will provide a way to synchronize calendars, contact lists and other related services." Read Ozzie's introduction introduction here and Dave Winer, who also had input into this spec, has some interesting comments as well. You can read more from eWeek, Richard MacManus, and Dare Obasanjo.

Since it looks it won't take long for this to become part of the web-as-platform infrastructrue, I've added a basic SSE section and links to this site's Reference Center at:



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