Stack Exchange V2 Goes Beta, Launches Contest

Stack Exchange, the community driven Q&A site network, has been a favorite with developers due to its high quality content. The Stack Exchange API, which was first released in mid-2010, has seen a good adoption by developers and several quality applications using the API are listed here, in typical Stack Overflow answer style. The company is bringing its new API into beta and ushering it in with a contest.

Kevin Montrose announced the V2.0 public beta at the Stack Overflow blog. To boost usage of the new release, there's a new developer contest. We had covered the earlier contest which coincided with their V1.0 public beta.

The V2.0 public beta documentation should be your reference to get access to all the assets that Stack Exchange provides.  The API supports the JSON data format and does include some of the lessons that were learnt during the API development, which we covered in Stack Exchange API: The Good and the Bad in mid-2011.

The Stack Exchange API Contest runs until February 29, 2012, with judging in mid-March. The contest is open to all and requires that you register your application.

The contest not just rewards developers who build applications and best Library, which can wrap the complexity in an easy to use wrapper, but also those who submit bug reports that will help in improving the quality of the API. The top three prizes in the applications stand to win an iPad2, an Acer Aspire One and 160GB Intel SSB respectively. The Best Library will win a Kindle Fire, while those who can acknowledged as submitting the best bug reports stand to get a Kindle Touch 3G or a Lilliput Mini USB Monitor.

So kick off 2012 on the right note by learning more about the Stack Exchange API and creating an application for one of our favorite Q&A Sites.