Stack Overflow Releases API Into Public Beta

Stack Overflow, the very successful question and answer site for programmers, have now released their own API into public beta. The API actually works with all of the Stack Exchange sites, including and, with more sites possibly launching in the future. The API is supported by the site

The API lets you:

A list of API methods can be found here. Included are methods to access questions, answers, badges, users, tags, revisions, errors, and statistics from the specified site. The current version is of the API is read-only. A sample app, The World's Worst Stack Overflow Clone, is hosted on Google Code.

Many mashups have already been created, from a Firefox Plugin called Swatch to a whimsical site that creates a Unicorn based on your question.

The Stack Overflow API is the outcome of StackExchange's community-lead approach, where back in February they first asked developers what features should be in the API.

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