StackMob Plays Matchmaker with New Services Partner Program

Developer skills continue to be in short supply. This is increasing the demand amongst enterprise API providers to source developer teams that can build proprietary mobile apps for them. Businesses that have a commercial app idea - but not the technical skills - are also constantly looking for start date ready development companies to build their products for them. Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS) Platform StackMob is hoping their Service Partner Program will be the matchmaker between business clients and development agencies. Vice President of Business Development at StackMob, Kumi Walker, spoke to ProgrammableWeb about the referral marketplace.

"Much as the internet, changed the way enterprises conducted business 15 years ago, Mobile is doing the same thing now. Companies are in the midst of creating strategies that align with this tectonic shift that mobile has created within the enterprise. The Service Partner Program is geared to meet the needs of these enterprises by providing them with an ecosystem of skilled providers who can help execute their mobile strategy on a reliable and scalable platform like StackMob’s," said Walker.

Image from StackMob's introductory video.

StackMob's Service Partner program kicked off at the end of September with 9 development companies from around the world enlisted as founding partners. Each had previously developed apps on the StackMob platform. Walker said:

"Our Service Partners have built thousands of applications for enterprises around the world. StackMob provides the centralized platform that enables our Service Partners to accelerate innovation for their enterprise customers. These Service Partners are at the cusp of innovation in mobility, and offer business units an optimal Resource for enterprise mobility. We formalized our program to better enable the ecosystem of Service Providers that have already built Enterprise Applications on our Platform. Most enterprises do not have a comprehensive in-house mobile strategy in place, yet they all recognize that it represents the heart of innovation for their business going forward. Our Service Partners provide a valuable channel and entry point into our enterprise customer base."

For enterprises and businesses with data assets to commercialize, Walker believes StackMob's Service Partner Program could help them find the right fit:

"An API provider would select one of the Service Partners to develop a plan for the project. Based on the scope of the project, the Service Partner would recommend the best StackMob product to build out a connection for their data service. The Service Partner would then build out the connection, and hand off the project to StackMob to manage."

To date, a quick look at each of the nine partners' websites, news announcements and blog posts since the launch suggests that StackMob's program has yet to have an impact on generating new business for the development agencies participating. However, as it is only 6 weeks after the launch, new announcements would not be expected just yet. For mobile development teams building their own client base, being registered with a variety of platform service partner programs like StackMob's may be an avenue to new client leads and interesting project opportunities.

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