Stage of Life Provides Targeted Discount Offers with Coupon API

Stage of Life, loyalty marketing agency, has launched its Coupon API. The API pulls from the Stage of Life Merchant Network. The network includes hundreds of national brand merchant offers, coupons, and discounts. Access through the API gives developers the flexibility to enhance current loyalty programs, or build stand alone applications. Stage of Life CEO, Eric Thiegs, commented:

"The combination of segmenting our Coupon API by both merchant category and life stage creates a powerful opportunity for affinity organizations to provide meaningful and relevant rewards to their clients or members for life’s important moments."

Stage of Life caters to the needs of businesses that range from Fortune 100 companies to SMBs. Stage of Life has garnered media attention as it has grown its base of satisfied customers. Nathan Eifert, PeopleBank VP of Marketing, described the Coupon API's value:

"Stage of Life’s loyalty Platform works for us on several levels...but our favorite aspect of the program is the flexibility for us to pull in and feature our own local merchant coupons.”

The Coupon API segments discounts and benefits by merchant category (e.g. business, shoes, travel, etc.) and life stage (e.g. student, families, wedding, etc.). Stage of Life has created a series of tags to assist developers in calling relevant deals and discounts. To learn more about the API, fill out the contact form at the State of Life website.

Loyalty marketing floods the internet. As search becomes smarter and more targeted, relevance of discount offers rises in importance. Stage of Life's Coupon API helps marketers ensure offers are relevant to each customer.

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