API: It's Got the Postage Meter Licked

It's not enough to print stamps off your printer any more. What shippers really want is what the SOAP-based API does: integrate that Function of printing postage into your own web-based ecommerce or web hosted applications to speed up the shipment of orders out the door. With the API you can do much more than calculate postage and print stamps. You can clean addresses and track packages, among other tasks.

There are 4 platforms to connect with, including the API. The others are an SDK, XML Import/Export, and ODBC Connectivity. guarantees you'll save 50% on the overhead with your postage meter. It claims to offer discounts not available from the post office. And it has critical security features, like controlling employee access and restricting how much postage they can print. And it works across multiple locations, should your business have them.

Set up is easy. "You'll be printing postage in minutes." One of the most attractive features: you can schedule a pick up right from your door via, eliminating the need to go to the Post Office.

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