Stand Out In The Crowd: SEOlytics Shows You How

In order for a website to have any impact on the web, it has to be seen. Knowing how many people have visited the site and if it's effective enough to keep them coming back again and again is key. The world wide web is a densely populated jungle of competitors fighting for the consumer's attention, and in order to stay ahead of the pack, it's good to know the facts.

SEOlytics is a professional SEO (search engine optimzation) software system that enables users to view the visibility of their websites on Google and Bing. This provides the opportunity to identify potential for improvement, increase the website's organic search performance over the long term and ultimately increase business performance. Key features include daily SEO monitoring, backlink analyses and reporting with accurate data and the highest data resolution. This scalable SaaS (software as a service) system can also be used immediately, without the need for any implementation.


The SEOlytics API provides a simple RESTful HTTP interface that allows developers to access SEOlytics rankings, visibility, backlinks and Adwords data from within the user's programs, Excel sheets, shell prompt, web browser or other environments. Those interested in making use of this data can get more information on the SEOlytics website.

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