StarHub Launches SmartFoundry Platform and Communications API

StarHubStarHub, a leading info-communications provider based in Singapore, has launched SmartFoundry, a new API Platform that allows developers to rapidly build applications and integrations that include StarHub voice call and SMS functionality.

StarHub Hackathon

The SmartFoundry API Platform is currently in beta and features free use of voice and SMS APIs including the SmartFoundry Communications API. The API allows applications to include functionality such as send and receive SMS, send and receive voice calls, collect user input and responses, and other communications functions.

The APIs featured in the platform are based on Tropo, a platform that provides a simple way for developers to build phone and SMS applications via the Tropo API. StarHub provides documentation for Tropo APIs on the SmartFoundry Developer Portal.

StarHub is hosting an "Enterprise Communications Made Easy" hackathon, a free all-day event which will take place next week. The event was created to encourage developers to create apps and integrations using the SmartFoundry platform and Communications API. Chief Evangelist at Tropo, John “Diggz” Higgins, will be mentoring teams and will introduce the technology at the hackathon.

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