Start Spreakin' The Universal Language of Music As a DJ

Spreaker gives you, the budding podcaster, niche music genre aficionado, or social justice reporter, a high powered Platform to disseminate your message throughout your social network.  The service, and its Spreaker API, will make higher quality podcast or radio show production a possibility for those that would otherwise not have digital mixing and arrangement resources at their disposal.

Spreaker was conceived in Bologna, Italy where “the city where Guglielmo Marconi - the inventor of wireless radio - was born and developed his invention.”  What fate! What historic significance!  I wonder if Bologna is just budding with transmission experience innovations waiting to be discovered by angel investors.

The Spreaker API has an unauthenticated read-only mode and a authenticated API that allows the user to create and modify their radio shows.  Developers are clearly being catered too by Spreaker, who has provided some of the essential programmer comforts: clear and open documentation that does not require registration to view & open source API implementations.

Spreaker is one of 13 radio APIs, a slowly growing category.  Clearly the internet radio sites are just starting to realize the importance of providing open interfaces to their services.  The MixCloud API, from a website similar to Spreaker, caught on early.

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