The StatusPage API: Neither Death, Nor Taxes, Nor Downtime Stays This Service From Your Customers

How will you communicate with you customers during downtime? Where will they go to find information and subscribe to updates? You could build your own status page, or you could use one already dedicated to transparency and communication so you could stay focused on your primary business. The StatusPage API monitors downtime and incidents, displays performance metrics, provides notification tools, and is joined by just one other somewhat similar API in our directory.

The documentation states that the RESTful API is only in an experimental phase. Authentication instructions cover its OAuth2 method.

As a client of StatusPage you have the ability to choose between offering two types of notification: by single incident or the "whole firehose." If you offer both, end users get to choose between the two. According to the site, your page is easy to read:

Active incidents are prominently displayed at the top of your page for your visitors to see right when they arrive, and they have easy access to subscribe to further updates via email or SMS.

StatusPage integrates with Pingdom, Webmon and New Relic for alerts parsing. Customers include Jawbone, Shopify, Parse, Ping Identity and Zendesk.

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