Stay In The Loop With Twitscoop

Twitscoop is a Twitter trend visualization tool (with an API) that allows users to search and follow what's buzzing on Twitter; and all in real time.

Basically, it uses an algorithm that chops tweets into pieces called tags. These tags are then ranked according to how often they are used. This web application can monitor specific keywords and detect growing trends in real time. It's a finger on the pulse of current trending events; be it natural disasters, political news, new products or whatever the world of tweeters are making a fuss about any given time.

The application provides a search box where users can search for specific tags, conversations, topics or user names. It also displays words that are buzzing right now in real time, with a tag cloud that is updated automatically. These tags continuously appear, grow, shrink and disappear according to the level of 'buzz' generated. A user also has the option to browse through the history of any given 'hot trend'.

But this is not just a tool for keeping an eye on trends, you can also tweet from Twitscoop. In fact, it's a fully featured Twitter web client that allows the user to do everything they would be able to do on Twitter.

The folks at Twitscoop say, "our goal is to become the best online Twitter client out there. So you can do everything you would be doing on Twitter itself, sometimes even more ;-)"

The Twitscoop API allows a selected number of partners to integrate Twitscoop’s data with their own applications.

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