Stay on Top of Twitter Trends with the Twirus API

Anyone worth their weight in tweets knows the importance of the 'trending topic'. Twitter is an exceptional social tool, not only for witty banter, but for serious business too. Staying on top of trending topics is vital in the attempt to stay current and relevant, and to know what your target audience is talking about. But how relevant are the trending topics determined by Twitter? For the English speaking world; extremely relevant. For the rest of the world; not so much.

Where Twitter determines trending results focused mainly on English speaking countries, Twirus provides the Twirus API, offering statistics for trending topics according to specific regions and languages. So whether local or international, this means you can keep a close eye on trends that are very relevant to your needs. Another great feature is that other than trending tags, Twirus also measures popular links, words and tweeps (people who are most referred to by others). Currently, this data can be used on a freely available website, with attribution.

All in all, it's a relevant tool. It's not to say that Twitter's trending results are flawed, but it's great to have the option to look a little deeper into information that may be more relevant to the non-English speaking individual.

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