Stay On Top Of What's Happening In Your Area With LairOut's API

Looking for something cool to do but have no idea where to start? A tool like LairOut could be helpful in this situation. It's basically a web-based event directory that allows users to access information on a number of events happening in and around their location. LairOut also provides the LairOut API that allows developers to access this functionality.


LairOut requires two simple search criteria; location and date, and the handy map on the homepage makes it easy to view all the events that are taking place in that specific area. The service benefits both parties - end users can search to find something interesting to do, and event organisers can create an event, set a time and location and share it. The service also acts as an interactive social network of sorts, as users can post their feedback and comments to the event pages.

The LairOut API uses REST calls and will return XML, JSON, or JSONP. In order to make use of the API, developers will need to create a LairOut account, and once logged in, will be able to generate an Authentication token. More information is available on the website.

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