Step Right Up! Stubhub's APIs Search Ticket Inventory and More

Stubhub, an online Platform where users can buy and sell tickets, has just released its RESTful  Stubhub APIs so developers can create applications to track inventory, retrieve event listings and more. Our directory lists 30 APIs related to tickets and some 150 APIs connected to events. Few are sellers bazaars like Stubhub, of course. But it's a thriving space.

According to the developer portal/documentation site, the API lets you create applications that open up a global marketplace for tickets.

Stubhub has legions of loyal fans, but there are problems. John Crudele posts a letter in his New York Post column from a ticket purchaser who apparently purchased fake tickets to a Yankees game through Stubhub last week. This, after 20 years of using Stubhub with no problem. It did get sorted out eventually, with Stubhub going the extra mile beyond refunding the purchase price to provide replacement tickets (of lower quality). When Crudele called to verify the story, StubHub subsequently provided the customer with tickets to a later event. Crudele suggests the underlying problem is a dispute between the Yankees and Stubhub, with the team complaining that the Stubhub service allows ticket holders to resell too cheaply. Crudele takes the side of the market and suggests the Yankees can command better resale prices by fielding a better team. It's hard to tell what the story is, especially how often this sort of thing happens, except to note that not all business design problems are technical in nature.

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