Stitcher Mobile App Gets Wheels with API/Auto Integration

Stitcher; the mobile leader in news, entertainment, sports, and talk radio; recently released Stitcher Connect. Stitcher Connect is "talk radio's first API developed for the car." The API delivers all of the features of Stitcher's mobile app (Stitcher Smart Radio) directly to the vehicle. According to Stitcher CEO, Noah Shanok, "Over a third of our listeners are currently using Stitcher in the car [via the mobile app]." The next logical step was to integrate directly with the automobile, so "listeners can seamlessly access and discover the best of over 10,000 shows on Stitcher in the car."

Stitcher already integrates with a number of car makers (e.g. Ford, GM, BMW and Mercedes). Stitcher Connect will make its debut with Chevrolet's Sonic and Spark models. The Stitcher Platform will integrate with Chevy's connected dashboard allowing "Stitcher to Function through external controls like voice, touch and steering wheel controls.", states In addition to the Stitch Smart Radio features, "Stitcher is also rolling out its Smart Station functionality. [Similar to Pandora], the app culls your listening behavior to find similar podcasts and talk radio feeds, acting as a discovery engine for you to find new programs to listen to while on the road." says Wired.

The market for enhancing the auto industry's radio capabilities is ripe for innovation. Shanok continued: "Generally over 70 million users are using mobile devices while on the road. As we continue to make advancements, the in-car audio experience is becoming more seamless. The connected car is poised to eclipse the traditional radio dial." Delivering radio functionality via an API allows Stitcher to integrate quickly and seamlessly across many auto makers with various platforms.

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