StockTwits API Makeover Expands App Integration Possibilities

StockTwits, a financial communications Platform for the financial and investing community, has announced major enhancements to its API offering. The original release of the StockTwits API allowed third party apps to access the StockTwits social graph, integrate watch lists, share messages, and access charts directly from a third party application. With the new release, messages now include charts, videos, and user stats/sentiment. Additionally, community contributed data now links back to the site/app from where the contribution originated. For a more detailed explanation of the new API release, join the StockTwits developer discussion.

StockTwits, founded in 2008, has developed an expansive community of investors who share their thoughts, sentiment, and resources with over 150,000 other members. Although the API is less than a year old (the enhancements mentioned above being brand new), developers have creatively integrated StockTwits functionality into their own apps. For instance, Engagio integrated the messaging API into their communications platform so StockTwits members can track where other members are commenting and sharing data across social networks. For more Integration examples, visit the app integration page.

StockTwits uses REST protocol and JSON data format. The latest release added various API endpoints. StockTwits' Chris Corriveau told PW that "the API is much cleaner and better structured around the content." The goal of API is "to build a social layer into any financial application or web site."

The StockTwits member community includes a wide array of investors from hedge fund managers to individual day traders. Expanding its functionality to the developer community, StockTwits has now penetrated the developer community and continues to provide developers with more data and enhanced tools. Developers interested in the API can get started at the developer site.

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