StopLight Launches API Designer Private Beta

StopLight, an API workflow management and collaboration tool startup, has launched the private beta of its API editor: API Designer. StopLight built API Designer to provide a streamlined way for developers to design, manage, and collaborate on APIs in a real-time environment. StopLight analogizes the need for the API Designer to the need for a blueprint before building a house.

"Developers are one of a company's most expensive resources. With API Designer's focus on debugging, documentation, and collaboration, we are helping development teams do more in less time, improve the quality of their APIs, and shift focus back to innovation," Marc MacLeod, StopLight founder and CEO, commented in a press release.

StopLight API Designer is built around open standards which help developers avoid lock-in. Developers design APIs using a visual interface and can then export definitions to Swagger or RAML. The API will generate Swagger + RAML in real-time that users can access at anytime through the API. The homebuilt JSON Schema editor eliminates cumbersome tasks traditionally associated with JSON Schema tools. Collaboration in team workspaces, deep prism proxy integration, API discovery, HTTP traffic capture, and real-time edits and additions all add to API Designer's value proposition.

Core features of the API Designer include collaborative discovery and documentation, import/export to existing API specs (e.g. RAML, Swagger), validation, mocking and transformation, visual interfaces, and Prism API proxy integration. To learn more, visit the API Designer site.

StopLight opened its doors this year as a graduate of Techstars. During the controlled, private beta of API Designer, developers can test the product at no charge. To learn more about StopLight and its other offerings, visit the homepage. To sign up for the API Designer beta, click here.

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