Stoplight Launches Scenarios API Testing and Debugging Tool

Stoplight, a startup that graduated from the June 2015 Techstars Austin class, has announced the launch of Scenarios, a tool to test, automate, and debug Web APIs. Developers can use Scenarios to build test suites for Web services and microservices as well as for contract testing. Scenarios is a new tool that is part of the Stoplight API development and testing Platform. The Stoplight platform is similar to API development and testing tools such as Postman, SoapUI by SmartBear Software, and Paw for Mac. Stoplight Scenarios is currently in technical preview.

Stoplight consists of four primary components; API designer, hosted Documentation, the new scenarios component, and Prism. Stoplight API designer automatically discovers APIs from HTTP traffic which developers can reference to build new APIs. Developers can use the API designer to build APIs based on imported API definition files such as RAML and Swagger, and build APIs from scratch.

Stoplight hosted documentation generates documentation from APIs built with Stoplight's API designer. Prism can be used to build mock Web services and run scenarios using the command line.

Scenarios is the newest addition to the suite. Scenarios can be used for contract testing; add Swagger or JSON schemas for contract testing scenarios. Scenarios integrates with models built with Stoplight's API designer so that when an API specification is updated with API designer, tests will be updated as well. Scenarios can also be used to create Web services demos that can be shared with API consumers and customers.

Stoplight Scenarios is currently in technical preview and more information is available on the Stoplight website.

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