Stoplight Releases Scenarios v3.4 API Testing and Debugging Tool

Stoplight, a Techstars-graduated startup that provides a modular API toolkit, has announced the release of Scenarios v3.4 which includes a number of bug fixes and new features including (but not limited to) tagging and filtering, discussions, and shared environments. Stoplight first launched Scenarios, a tool to test, automate, and debug web APIs, in February of this year. Scenarios can also be used for API contract testing.

The new tagging feature allows users to tag the artifacts that are part of the development process. Tags can also be used to organize stages of the API development lifecycle such as design, review, document, and publish. The company plans on adding a tag search system soon. Another new feature is discussions, a pane in the editor where users can post questions, comments, and assign tasks.

Shared environments is a new feature that allows users to define groups of variables for reuse. Prior to version 3.4, three pre-defined environments per entity was allowed, and environment data was local and specific to each user. The latest version of Scenarios includes the three pre-defined environments but also allows users to add their own.

Scenarios version 3.4 includes an update to the Editor UI to increase the available working space. The release also includes the ability to make entities public so that users can share development artifacts such as API Specs externally. The company plans on adding multiple tabs support to the Editor UI and implementing other new improvements in the near future.

For more information about the Stoplight Modular API Toolkit and Scenarios v3.4, visit

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