Stormpath Launches Client API for Frontend Registration and Authentication

Stormpath, user management and Authentication service, has launched the Stormpath Client API. The API includes a set of tools for frontend and mobile developers. Unlike Stormpath's traditional REST API, the Client API conducts basic user registration and authentication without the use of an administrative key. For applications built in a modern, serverless architecture; the Client API enables registration and authentication without the need to host API endpoints.

The Client API was not designed to replace Stormpath's REST API or other Stormpath services. Rather, the Client API complements the REST API and provides an access point to other services. For instance, users can easily retrieve account data or communicate with the backend for decision making purposes. The Client API can act as both an entry point for other Stormpath services or act like a native backend service.

Those looking to dive deeper into the Client API should check out the API docs. In addition to the API, Stormpath has released new SDK versions for Angular, React, iOS, and Android that provide access to the Client API. The API is intended for Single Page Applications (SPAs), mobile, and desktop applications. Specific functionality includes existing user authentication, account information retrieval. OAuth token revocation, new user registration, email verification, and password update/reset.

The Client API exposes configurable endpoints to applications. Stormpath hosts the endpoints which eliminates the need for an administrative key. For a full list of endpoints, and examples, visit the API docs.

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