Stormpath Uses New Funding to Enhance API

Stormpath, user management and Authentication service, recently announced a new round of funding that will allow it to enhance the Stormpath API. The Stormpath team believes that its API presents a disruptive technology that empowers developers at the SMB level through technology not available to enterprises utilizing legacy tools and software. Now out of beta, Stormpath will focus its new resources towards API development:

"[The funding is] fuel: fuel to recruit the best people, fuel to build a revolutionary security product, and fuel to empower thousands of developers with the Stormpath API."

In its short existence, Stormpath has garnered much media attention and received industry praise for its simple, yet feature-rich product offering. CSO Online named Stormpath one of the best free security software tools available. Stompath sits at the crossroads of two booming technology movements: APIs and security. Stormpath should continue to gain success as it dedicates new resources to this accelerating space.

The Stormpath API uses REST protocol and returns calls in a JSON data format. Developers can integrate the API with existing applications to provide industry leading authentication and management to their application. Free and paid subscriptions are available and those interested can learn more at the product site.

Application and online security continues to gather attention and change in need. Developers struggle to launch new applications if they are charged with securing the application from the ground up. Stormpath offers a simple API Integration into any application which allows developers to focus on their products.

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