Stormpulse Launches Pulse API Included in Comprehensive Risk Management Solution: Riskpulse

Stormpulse, a weather intelligence company, has launched a risk management solution (i.e. Riskpulse) which includes an API that third parties can integrate with existing systems: the Pulse API. Riskpulse moves beyond weather related risks to business. Riskpulse constitutes a comprehensive risk management solution that delivers insight into crime rates, travel alerts, environmental risks, and more.

Matt Wensing, Stormpulse co-founder and CEO, commented:

“After seven years of focusing on weather, we recognized that there are many other external factors that affect a company’s supply chain and daily operations....We created Riskpulse to help companies struggling with the ‘ Big Data’ problem of finding meaning in the numbers. By giving them a simple Platform to visualize and interpret the world’s most threatening data in relationship to the things they care about, they can make smart decisions and uncover new opportunities.”

The Pulse API is one of three offerings that comes in the Riskpulse risk management package. Alongside the Pulse OS and RiskPulse Cygnus, The Pulse API locates risk data from any location and delivers a risk score and relevant weather factors. Already happy Stormpulse customer, Risk Placement Services, looks forward to the new release; Vice President (Ravi Singhvi) commented:

“Stormpulse keeps us focused on our business in the heat of the moment so we are able to make highly rewarding decisions; we anticipate their expanded focus will translate to expanded opportunities for RPI.”

Public Documentation for the Pulse API is not currently available. However, we do know that the Pulse API will allow companies to integrate data that Riskpulse has aggregated with existing systems. The API offers many data points regarding risk factors related to the environment, weather, and more. After analyzing data for a given location, the Pulse API provides a risk score for each location.

Risk Management is a major concern for business continuity. However, risk comes in many forms (from environmental to crime). As companies continue to globalize and expand their footprint, managing assets in an expanded geographic territory becomes more challenging. Riskpulse and the included Pulse API can help risk managers better understand their risk profile in a more streamlined fashion.

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