Storyblocks Stock Media API Brings Stock Content to Your Multimedia Platform

Storyblocks, the first subscription stock media service, has launched their Storyblocks Developer Portal. The self-serve portal allows developers to create test keys and try out the full functionality of the Storyblocks Stock Media API, from search filters to downloads. The Storyblocks API is the fastest, easiest way to give your end users access to millions of video clips, photos, vectors, illustrations, music tracks, sound effects, loops, and more.

Why does your multimedia platform need stock content?

If you’re part of the rapidly growing multimedia tech space, adding stock to your platform might be the differentiating factor between you and your growing number of competitors. As companies continue to see the ROI of developing new and engaging content, creatives and marketing professionals are turning to new tools to meet demand. According to a survey done by Adobe, a full 69% of creatives plan on using new and innovative tools to help them to make content development faster and easier. That’s great news if you’re building a new creative platform, but how do you stand out from the crowd?

The answer is to make all the tools creatives need accessible through your platform. Stock content is one of those important creative tools and a few simple calls to the various Storyblocks API endpoints will allow creatives to access our entire library of content for use in their projects.

The Storyblocks Media API provides greater value than simply offering access to a large library of stock content. The API also allows you to introduce Storyblocks’ content directly through your platform and makes for a quick and easy way to streamline your users’ workflows and keep them from leaving your platform in search of assets. Workflow optimization has been a major buying trend over the past few years, and companies are increasingly finding that customers are willing to pay premium prices for better speed and convenience. Busy creatives and marketers are absolutely no different. According to Adobe’s survey, 51% of companies indicated that optimizing creative workflows to quickly create and deploy content will be “very important” in their digital strategy going forward.

In 2017, 51% of creatives and marketers saw an increase in the use of stock content in their designs. By having that stock easily accessible through your platform, your users can create quality projects faster and easier than ever before.

“Now when our members create, host and share video stories on Binumi, they are able to access anything they need for digital storytelling in one place.” - Anthony Copping, Founder and CEO of Binumi, a Storyblocks API partner

Since April 2017, the Storyblocks APITrack this API has seen growth of over 700%, working with tech companies to bring our stock content to their end users. This is not a feature you want to sleep on, especially as more multimedia applications bring stock in-platform.

The Storyblocks Developer Portal makes it easy to evaluate how our stock can serve your business. Take the Storyblocks API for a test drive today and start building.


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