Storyteller Builds Websites with Content from Anywhere

Sparkart has developed websites for market leaders across many industries. From Bon Jovi to the UFC, Sparkart specializes in pulling content from around the web, and consolidating it into a single, robust website that turns "artists into rockstars, clothing labels into overnight successes and devout fans into passionate communities." Now, with the launch of Storyteller, Sparkart brings the technology that has driven its success to developers. Sparkart refers to Storyteller as a "Content Presentation System." Storyteller's mission is simple: "a new product from Sparkart that enables you to build great websites with content from anywhere."

Integrating multiple APIs into a single website has always been a manual development task or handled at the speed at which a content management system can update its plug-ins or upgrades. Storyteller performs all of the developer's "heavy lifting." The Storyteller Platform handles Integration and ongoing API updates and changes. If a developer has access to an API, Storyteller can integrate the API into the developer's site.

Although Storyteller dramatically simplifies API integration, "it is not a toy" as Sparkart's CEO (Naveen Jain) mentioned. To use Storyteller, basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills are required. Currently, Storyteller is in private beta. For access, developers can request to participate here.

Sparkart used Storyteller internally to build hundreds of websites. In a demo, a Sparkart employee created a website from scratch in a matter of minutes that included "YouTube videos, Tumblr posts, and more." Storyteller seems analogous to and for the commercial world. Storyteller should allow brands to develop a web personality with less cost and web expertise.

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