Straightforward Shipping With EasyPost's API

Adding shipping and posting functionalities to your applications may be necessary for your what you're trying to achieve, but it may not always be a quick and easy process. EasyPost is a posting and shipping service specifically designed for applications, saving developers some very valuable development time. The EasyPost API makes it possible for developers to access this functionality and easily integrate it with other applications.


The EasyPost service offers the following features:

  • A comparison service that allows users to get the best shipping rates by comparing prices and delivery times from USPS, Fedex, UPS, and more.
  • The ability to purchase postage with one API call.
  • An address verification system that allows users to look up missing zip codes, cities, and states, identifying missing apartment numbers and eliminating the waste of shipping to incorrect addresses.
  • Simple pricing with no setup fees, storage fees or cancellation fees.

The company prides itself on having an API that is easy to use and can be integrated with applications within minutes. EasyPost currently offers libraries for Python, Ruby, and PHP. Some example API methods include retrieving shipping rates, comparing rates, tracking packages, and buying postage. More information is available on EasyPost's website.

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