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Motwin announces it has raised 1 million US dollars from all its long-standing investors to help launch its new product enables any standard API to be converted into a data flow (streaming API) without any server development. The streaming signals computers, mobile phones or connected objects to any change in source data hence enabling a dynamic display that is cost effective for millions of users.

This service is provided on the Cloud to allow for simple integration by developers. It is opened to API publishers enabling them to provide their client developers with more efficient APIs, and also directly useful to consumer developers of API in embedding a dynamic component in their user interface.
APIs are now fast-growing
 It has been several years since the number of public or private APIs have got to the tens of thousands. This fast growth is due to a combination of 3 factors:

  • Developers worldwide have been moving towards a set of good practices for API architecture (which is almost a standard): RESTful http
  • Service providers are striving to allow developers to embed these easily in their applications (for instance, Google Maps, Stripe, Uber, Facebook, etc.)
  • The number of devices on which services can be provided is getting larger (Mobile Phones and Connected Objects). So even in-house it is much more efficient to develop APIs to ease the development of many user interfaces or integration with other software building blocks

Hence the market for API platforms has surged by 40% in 2014 according to Gartner.

Data is more and more dynamic
Concomitant to this trend, displayed data has tended to be more and more dynamic. Five years ago only mobile applications meant for stock traders embedded dynamic data in the form of live share prices without page refreshing. Today dynamic data is used everywhere; social network status, news updates, one-time sales offers (available for purchase for the mobile consumer whether they are by the subway or lying in bed!), while waiting for a taxi, the train, etc. The interface must be dynamic in order: to keep the interest of the consumer on the web page or to quickly suggest an item/service available in a very small quantity.

Unfortunately, the RESTful HTTP architecture is “stateless” and as such each information request is independent of any other one. Hence for an application to embed the display of a datum in real time, a query needs to be made frequently to the API, and this is particularly consuming in terms of:

  • Infrastructure for the data provider
  • Time for the developer
  • Time for obtaining the information
  • Battery for the mobile phone/the purpose of the user
  • And thus mobile phone data plans for the user!

Actually, last October during the launch by Twitter of tools for developers, the provision of streaming API was of major concern (

For enabling dynamic data from any API:
With three clicks, enables a RESTful HTTP JSON API conversion into a streaming API. Our server sends a query to the API and then sends to all the requester applications, the data that has been enhanced. To optimize the entire service, only sends the modified data.

Motwin’s long-standing investors (Sigma gestion, Seventure, Rhone-Alpes Création, Naxicap Partners, Treamgroup, Expansinvest, CA Sud Rhône Alpes) have committed to the marketing of this new technology by further investing in Motwin to the tune of 1 million US dollars.

The administration portal was launched on April 8th during Devoxx 2015. The free version of is now available at

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