Stream.IO Enhances Its Android and iOS Chat SDKs

Stream.IO, a provider of chat and activity Feed services, has announced updates to the company’s Chat SDKs for Android and iOS. The Stream Chat Android SDK is now on version 4.6.0 and the iOS SDK moves to 3.1.0.

The updated Android SDK leads off with new functionality that allows for Slow Mode, which helps improve chat quality during times of increased usage. User Experience is also improved through the addition of pinned messages and autocomplete search filters when searching for users. This update also adds new APIs that are intended to simplify subscribing to channel and client events. 

While the iOS SDK update includes far less in the way of new features, it makes up for it by including a robust set of performance-enhancing changes. This includes efforts made to handle network disruption via improved network handling and retry logic. The update also provides support for SwiftUI and Combine.

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