Streamline Accounting Processes with BeansBooks API

BeansBooks was created as a simple alternative to complex, proprietary accounting software packages. As part of the simplification process, BeansBooks launched an API that allows BeansBooks to integrate with third party applications and workflows that accounting needs to pull data from (e.g. e-commerce platforms, ERP systems, etc.). The BeansBooks API lets Front-end systems speak directly to Back-end systems without a manual task needed to reconcile differences between the two.

BeansBooks was created by System76; Ubuntu laptop, desktop, and server manufacturer. As System76 grew, it became extremely dissatisfied with the accounting software options for small and medium sized businesses. Thus, System76 spent a little over a year developing its own Platform. The platform worked so well, System76 decided to productize it and offer it to other companies. Thus, BeansBooks was born as System76 CEO, Carl Richell, explained:

"Today's businesses operate efficiently and everywhere....Online shopping carts, Square payment system, Facebook and Google make it easier to reach customers and sell products. Accounting remains a challenge, slowing business down. BeansBooks is designed to remove the challenge by stripping away the complexity of accounting without diluting its value."

The BeansBooks API uses REST protocol and returns calls in a JSON data format. The BeansBooks API enables automatic creation of customers, vendors, sales orders, purchase orders, invoices and more. To learn more or gain access to the BeansBooks API, visit the API site and sign up for free.

Small and medium sized businesses don't have the luxury of extra headcount in accounting. Accordingly, SMBs cannot afford to have dedicated heads manually reconciling conflicting data across the organization. BeansBooks was created to eliminate this need, and its API approach streamlines the process further. BeansBooks has already satisfied its toughest critic, as its creators originally built it for its own use.

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