Streamlining Fleet Management: Shaw Tracking Hours Of Service API

In the world of fleet management, incorrect data can cost a company a lot of time and money, and in some current systems the potential for error is a little too high. Shaw Tracking's Hours Of Service (HOS) Web Service is an electronic on-board recording system that allows dispatchers to monitor real-time driving hours and access information such as driver logs, odometer readings, any violations and more. It's an efficient solution to the problems caused by other inaccurate manual log systems. The company makes this data available to developers via the SOAP-based HOS API.


The Automated HOS system works as a web based software service. The information is available to dispatchers via a web interface and can also be viewed online from anywhere, using an internet browser. The system provides detailed drivers' logs that monitor driving hours, on duty hours, shift hours, hours of service remaining and even driving ability. All this real- time information allows dispatchers to get the most out of their fleets, allowing them to accurately plan future stops and driver schedules as well as maximising daily truck miles.

The Shaw Tracking HOS API is available to third party developers who may want to integrate it with other applications. The information is accessible through a web interface or programmatically.

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