Street Apps Winners Showcase Mobile Finance

Street Apps Challenge, the Thomson Reuters sponsored Developer Contest for developing Smart phone based financial applications, has announced its winners. Our previous coverage of the contest asked readers to go and vote for the applications that they liked. This was part of the public voting phase that ended on August 29, 2010. At that time, we covered the two leading applications in terms of votes received, TRAM and Knowledge Storm.

The first prize winner was Market Meter, an Android app that filters company news and economic events with split-screen, drag-and-drop navigation. It has a ton of features for a contest submission entry. Some of the features are: User-Defined Price Alerting, Price and Volume Heat Indicators, Macro and Micro-Ecomomic data with Calendar Integration and several usability features. The Inductive Labs team that developed this application has plans to take this application mainstream for financial users. The first prize included $17,500 and two iPads for the two developers, Spencer Mindlin and Jason Yoon-Hendricks, who worked on this application.

The second prize winner was again an Android app, Random Reuters, which retrieves various information for a random company, that you can then save offline. A nice way to learn more about companies. The third prize winner was an iPad application, Street Smart, that displays company fundamentals against real-time Twitter feeds for insight into public sentiment.

Two other internal Thomson Reuters applications were also acknowledged. Knowledge Storm, an Android application that we had mentioned in our previous coverage and Stocks In Motion, a Blackberry app that provides market monitoring insight with analyst recommendations and market sentiment by company.

The entire list of winners and submissions are listed at the Apps and Winners page. Smartphone users looking for financial applications could benefit from looking closely at them.

There was a healthy mix of winning applications across different Smart phone vendors. While three applications were based on Android, the other two were on iPad and Blackberry. One might expected that there would have been more Blackberry entries for an industry likely to use the device. However, more likely the developers are targeting a platform that they see most potential in.

The winners will be featured in the Thomson Reuters Jumbotron in Times Square New York. Given that these applications serve very specific financial informational needs, it will come as no surprise if the next steps for the winning applications are paid versions of the applications available at the App Store.


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[...] Instead of cash (or sometimes in addition), companies often provide prizes of different sorts. Gadgets are always popular, with iPads and Parrot AR Drones being popular lately. Also, at least two of the current contests are offering free trips to conferences. Finally, almost every contest offers visibility of some sort. The most notable recent contest going well beyond the press release was Thomson Reuters, which put the four winners of its contest on New York City’s Times Square Jumbotron. [...]


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