Stremor Releases Liquid Helium APIs Allowing Advanced Language Heuristics Technology to be Integrated with Third-Party Apps

Stremor, a language heuristics technology startup, has announced the availability of Liquid Helium APIs to third-party developers. Liquid Helium is a proprietary language heuristics engine that analyzes and interprets written content so that it can be manipulated and used in future online media, connected devices and systems.

Stremor TLDR Reader App

Liquid Helium Powers the TLDR Reader. -- Image Credit: iTunes TLDR Reader

There are currently four Stremor Liquid Helium APIs available via Mashape, a leading cloud API Platform and marketplace:

  • Search Results - Returns summaries of pages, author's social media links, information about the outlinks of a page, and keywords from the URL.
  • Automated Summary and Abstract Generator - Generates instant 350 character (+/- 10%) summaries of long content from text or URLs. Summaries are returned as highly readable paragraphs with complete sentences for the best end- User Experience.
  • RSS Summary - Allows for batch processing of an entire RSS Feed (up to 30 items). Each item will be fetched from the URL in the feed, summarized and returned as an RSS 2.0 feed.
  • Content Extractor - Extracts the HTML for the main content of any page on the internet. The API strips away headers, footers, navigation, comments, and other unwanted debris, providing only the core content.

Third-party developers can use the Stremor Liquid Helium APIs in many types of applications. The Summary API can automatically generate appropriate summaries of long or complex content, including content from documents such as emails, web pages, documents, and knowledge management archives. In addition, the Summary API can extract specific data from content such as phone numbers, people and places

Stremor CEO Bill Irvine, explains the goal for the APIs in a quote included in the press release:

"Stremor's goal is to create a platform that comprehends language and enables developers with a suite of language analysis APIs. This first API gives well-written summaries of long or complex content, with applications well beyond Yahoo's limited use of their Summly acquisition. Now, anyone can leverage quality summaries in their applications."

According to the press release, the four APIs just released are "the first of many" Liquid Helium APIs that Stremor will be releasing. Developers interested in using the Stremor Liquid Helium APIs can find Documentation and apply for API keys at Mashape. Additional information about the Liquid Helium language heuristics engine can be found on the official Stremor website.

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