The Stride API: Making Sales Tracking Easy with a Simple CRM

Need a CRM package that fits a small business requiring simplicity on a cost structure that makes sense? Stride could be it. The API documentation and the information on github points out this is a RESTful API, with JSON and XML responses. JSON is preferred. OAuth2 is used for Authentication. The Stride API joins three other sales tracking APIs in our directory.

The Platform is divided into 7 areas:

  • Deal overview
  • Tagging and filtering
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Metrics and insights
  • Notes and Deal history
  • Tasks and notifications
  • CVS export for Excel
Deal overview pops up first, showing what's in your deal pipeline all in one place. As you can imagine, this avoids a huge amount of searching for bits of information related to whatever deal you want to focus on. Tagging and filtering lets you relate deals to each other. Metrics and insights homes on in what is going well, what needs work. You can see where the times is spent and spot where the value is. The notes and deal history helps you skip the hunt through all those emails, bringing you up to speed on each project. The remaining handy features are self-explanatory.
Popular API integrations include Mailchimp, Evernote, and Zapier.

Pricing ranges from $12 to $49/month.

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