Stripe Launches a Command Line Interface

Stripe just introduced the Stripe command-line interface (CLI). The CLI allows developers to access and interact with Stripe directly from the terminal. No more switching back and forth between the terminal, code editor, and dashboard.

First, the Stripe CLI allows developers to test Webhooks. The various webhooks that Stripe uses to programmatically identify specific events can be utilized through the CLI by running the "stripe listen" command. These webhooks can be triggered and tested using the "stripe trigger" command.

Developers can also test real-time API logs through the CLI. Through the "stripe logs tail" command, developers can stream API Request logs, in real-time, within the terminal. This allows developers to look at logs and fix issues quickly, within the terminal. Any problematic JSON responses or debug errors can be addressed immediately.

Finally, the CLI allows developers to create and update API objects. Any Stripe object can be created, retrieved, updated or deleted through the CLI. For example, the "stripe subscriptions list" command will pull a list of customer subscriptions as narrowed by parameters. The CLI natively supports macOS, Windows, and Linux. Check out the docs to learn more, and join the Stripe CLI conversation on GitHub.

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