StrongLoop Announces Industry First GUI for API Life Cycle Management

StrongLoop has announced the general availability of StrongLoop Arc, the industry's first graphical User Interface to manage the entire API life cycle in Node.js. Through a simple, visually pleasing user interface, users can develop, integrate, deploy and monitor APIs from creation through production, the company says. The days of building new apps and API services from the ground up are over, as StrongLoop says it allows users to easily reuse existing APIs and code to quickly integrate with new services and apps.

"The cool thing is now you can create, deploy and operate your APIs in Node. That was not the case before — you could use New Relic for monitoring, Node Inspector for inspection, StrongLoop's own StrongOps for profiling and Chef or Puppet for deployment," said Issac Roth, StrongLoop's co-founder and chief products officer. "We put that all together in a Node-specific way."

StrongLoop first experimented with API development via graphical interface with its StrongLoop Studio product. StrongLoop Studio received great feedback, the company says, so it decided to scale the interface beyond API development. Now that StrongLoop has expanded the feature offering to manage the entire API life cycle, the company has rebranded the product as StrongLoop Arc.

StrongLoop Arc works with both Node.js and the io.js fork. API composition is simplified, and the need for Back-end code is drastically reduced if not eliminated. Users can auto-discover or create new models from existing databases, replicate models across data sources, auto-generate endpoints and test. Arc's profiling tools provide laser focus on specific code responsible for CPU and Memory hot spots, analyze entire call sequences and detect memory leaks. Developers can build, deploy and scale in the most Resource-friendly manner via the visual tools. Finally, real-time production monitoring and auto-instrumentation allow API owners to gain constant visibility into key performance metrics.

StrongLoop Arc could be a game changer. API developers and owners can focus on business logic and User Experience because Arc manages the API life cycle in a simple, easily digestible, repeatable method. StrongLoop Arc takes API life cycle automation to a new level, which cuts time to market, costs and downtime, and enables more responsive innovation and customer service.

Check it out here.

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