StrongSalt Introduces Encryption as a Service API

StrongSalt, Encryption Platform as a service provider, has introduced its Open Privacy API. The API makes encryption more usable, and developers can leverage the platform to bake encryption into everyday applications and workflows. The company believes it will do for encryption what Stripe has done for payments and Twilio has done for communications.

Out of the box, StrongSalt offers APIs and SDKs on top of a number of cloud storage providers (i.e. Box, AWS S3, Google Cloud, and Azure). StrongSalt will all serve as the cloud storage provider with encrypted features for those without a current cloud storage provider. Because StrongSalt handles all of the encryption, and encryption features are integrated via API, developers don't need the security expertise historically needed for encryption development and can add it to their app like any third party feature accessible via API.

The API uses an HTTPS scheme. In addition to setting up users, admins, sharing permissions, promotions, and demotions, API methods allow users to encrypt text, decrypt cipher text, list documents a user can access, remove such access, and search accessible documents. For more information, check out the API docs.

As the US begins to explore, and some states adopt, privacy legislation similar to GDPR in Europe, data privacy has become more important than ever. Developing a homegrown encryption platform is cumbersome if not impossible for most companies. StrongSalt may be the solution for easily adding encryption to ordinary app development.

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