Strutta: From Fan to Customer

Strutta provides a platform to "engage your audience and convert fans to customers." It does this by launching and managing contests, sweepstakes, coupons, promotions, and by providing the Strutta API. For example, Crate & Barrel ran a wedding contest to drive couples to set up their wedding registries at the company, and featured friends and families of the contestants voting on the results to generate increased customer involvement.

John Seebeck, Vice President of eCommerce at Crate & Barrel stated, “As the channels of social media evolve we are always looking for new ways to connect and excite our customers. Strutta’s ease of use enables us to invest our energies on innovation and creativity as opposed to logistical issues.”

The Strutta API can be used to create promotion sites and third party applications such s WordPress and Facebook. Features of the API include flexible contests, media processing. vote tabulation, and it cn be integrated into an existing database or CRM. No public information is available.

Based in Vancouver, BC, Strutta launched its first products in 2009.

Strutta clients include Crate & Barrel, Johnson & Johnson, Men's Health magazine, Hilton, adidas, and United Way. The Strutta dashboard:

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Comments (2)

Thanks for featuring Strutta in your post, Greg.

Mike, Strutta has been around since 2008. Our platform makes it easy for you to create interactive social promotions such as online contests, sweepstakes, and Facebook apps to engage with and build your audience. We have powered thousands of successful campaigns for small businesses, non-profits and big brands including Crate & Barrel, Airbnb, Johnson & Johnson, Land Rover and Adidas.

Check us out and feel free to get in touch if you have questions.

This is the first time I hear of Strutta. But seems like nowadays, engaging your audience via social media is getting more n more gravity. Will check Strutta out and see how it goes. :)