StubHub Announces New Developer Platform and APIs

Today StubHub announced the release of a handful of new APIs and an accompanying developer platform, with the expressed aim of becoming the “events and tickets industry operating system.” The new APIs handle everything from inventory management to market intelligence.

This new Platform was important for accelerating partner onboarding for the company, with the announcement noting that the process has been shortened from over one month to less than 24 hours. Additionally, all of the company’s APIs can now be found in a centralized location that also includes fresh Documentation and Sample Code. The new APIs include Event Catalogue, Inventory Management, Order Management, Sales Management, and Market Intel.

Additionally, it is worth noting that the StubHub developer page mentions that Webhooks are coming soon. An important addition for a company whose business is reliant on providing up-to-date ticket pricing information. StubHub provides several Account Plans that offer varying amounts of access to these new APIs. The company has also established an API Deprecation Policy, providing customers some assurance that these APIs can be relied on. The company is committing to providing developers with 60 days notice before major changes to API functionality. 

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