Study Reveals That Microsoft Azure Is Leading PaaS Over Amazon, Heroku, Etc.

G2 Crowd, a business software review platform, published its Fall 2015 Grid for Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers. Microsoft Azure stood out as a clear leader in the field over the seven competitors who made the grid. Other PaaS providers that landed in the Leaders quadrant included Heroku and OpenShift. G2 selected for and positioned PaaS providers on the grid based on customer satisfaction (user reviews) and scale (market share, vendor size and social impact).

Microsoft Azure took the top spot with a G2 score of 89. Azure led in both satisfaction (94) and market presence (84). Heroku (77 G2 score) and OpenShift (60 G2 score) also achieved Leaders status and scored significantly better than the High Performers (Digital Ocean), Contenders (Google App Engine and AWS Elastic Beanstalk) and Niche (Cloud Foundry).

The satisfaction rating aims to identify the likelihood of users recommending the product to others, as determined by satisfaction ratings in reviews, the number of reviews received and how recently the reviews were submitted. The market presence rating is affected by the number of employees, social impact (based on Klout score, Twitter and LinkedIn), market share, momentum on Web traffic, company age, employee satisfaction and revenue.

G2 Crowd uses a grid scoring system to rank software companies across numerous categories. G2 compiled data from 200 reviews to create the Fall 2015 PaaS Grid. G2 defined PaaS as a "computing platform that provides users with the tools to develop, run, and manage web applications." In addition to the grid scoring system, G2 provides a buying assistant, a PaaS Guide and a Compare Tool to provide further insights into the industry players. To learn more about G2 Crowd research and methods, or about the PaaS report, visit G2 Crowd.

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This is not a real study. G2 makes money on organizing review-campaigns on their sides for vendors. If you are a vendor, you can pay G2, and they will collect good reviews for you. So the outcomes reflect how much you pay G2 and not the actual merits and adoption of the corresponding platform.

(Disclaimer, I work for WSO2 Cloud, so can be biased. :))



Appreciate you taking the time to respond to the article. 

To clarify, we do not make any money on our review campaigns; this cost is passed along entirely to reviewers in the form of gift cards to thank and reward reviewers for their time. In fact, we offer to help ANY company that's listed on G2 Crowd reach out to all their customers via a review campaign for free and we even reward/thank the first five reviewers with a gift card that we pay for ourselves, at no cost to the vendors. If they want to reward additional users we ask they cover the cost of the additional gift cards only. (Less than 20 percent of all reviews on G2 Crowd come from these campaigns.)

It's also against our policy to ask for positive reviews. Our process, in fact, was was outlined in this recent VentureBeat article. Furthermore, we're transparent in how our Grid reports are scored by publishing our methodology and our community guidelines.

I would be more than happy to answer any questions you have about our platform, methodology or reports. Please feel free to reach out to me directly at thandorf-at-g2crowd-dot-com.


Tim Handorf

Co-Founder and President, G2 Crowd


Totally agree with Sotnikov. G2's review is fake. MS Azure is the worst Paas ever (if you even consider it to be called a Paas)