Stupeflix Adds 15 New Tools to API Services for Video Creation

Video creation service Stupeflix has announced a raft of 15 new tools available via the Stupeflix API, VP of Business Development Jeff Boudier told ProgrammableWeb at API World last week.

“We’re the tech experts for video creation”, Boudier said. To date, developers have used the Stupeflix service to create over 20 million videos through the service, giving some justification to Boudier’s claim, aimed at positioning Stupeflix at the front of the 220 listed video-related APIs in the ProgrammableWeb database. To date, developers have mostly used the Stupeflix API – which has been available since 2009 – to turn photos into video montages.

The latest API release adds 15 different functionalities to the Stupeflix API Platform.

“We see developers reinventing the wheel to do the same thing over and over again: present thumbnails, crop images, etc so we have built a whole toolkit of APIs to help developers do all these things with 2 lines of code: detect the beat of music, face recognition, video stabilizing, in all 15 different video and audio functions,” Boudier said. “So its all about media creation and video processing.”

To date, Stupeflix API users fall into three categories:

  • Large brands looking to create on-the-fly, branded, user-generated video content
  • Small business looking to create video content from existing image assets
  • Developer-entrepreneurs looking to monetize video-creation services by utilizing the Stupeflix API toolkit.

“We have worked with Samsung, CocaCola, Visa, American Express, and Nike,” Boudier told ProgrammableWeb. “For these big brands, they use our services to create digital experiences, so that each customer can get a personalized video.” Boudier cites an example of Nike using Stupeflix APIs to let customers submit a picture of themselves throwing a basketball to have this stitched in to a video with an A-grade basketball player catching it. Developers at branded corporations and advertising agencies can use Stupeflix APIs in a similar manner as part of their social media and customer engagement strategies.

Businesses – particularly real estate – are using the Stupeflix video creation APIs to create high value video content to help them position their business marketing. “We have done campaigns with real estate businesses that have turned property listings into virtual walkthroughs,” Boudier said.

While some small businesses have the developer chops to use the API themselves, coders with an entrepreneurial spirit can also act as a middle agency to help end users incorporate video assets into their promotional strategies. Boudier explains: “Some of our customers will sell the video to real estate agencies. Developers often need to generate user generated content, and all these things like audio, and video and image manipulation that you have to process can all be handled by us in the API.”

To date, real estate has been Stupeflix’s biggest market, followed by advertising (“especially big brands building experiences to delight their customers”) and developers building apps that create video advertisements or that share photos round up the top three markets.

While developers can test Stupeflix’s services for free, ongoing calls are charged at a per-use fee and via subscription. The fast growth and international customer base for the Stupeflix brand has meant the French Web Service has seen an inflection rate in its subscription model, dropping from about $300 a month to $30.

“The new APIs are helping us get a broad spectrum of longtail developers”, Boudier said. “Our previous offering was more geared towards internal developers that work with brands building customer experiences. Our new offerings are now more targeted at opening that up to more developers and to helping small businesses to personalize their services. We charge API customers through usage, for example, the amount of video made thru our API, and developers monetize that however they want.”

Boudier believes Stupeflix has a lot more to offer and that the suite of tools available outpace the alternatives. “It is a very unique offering. There are niche providers offering face recognition or text to speech, but no company offering a broad spectrum of services across video and audio functions, so we're really excited by that. Things like video stabilization and music detection doesn’t exist anywhere else, so we also have a range of services that are unique.”

Boudier believes developers – especially social media and image manipulation apps - should keep a close eye on Stupeflix: “We are disrupting the photo and video app space, we are building photo sharing apps faster, for example, SnapChat can use our APIs to develop new features faster.”

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