Successful Option Investing With PowerOptions' API

Option trading can be quite a tricky business, and an investor can spend countless hours sifting through reams of un-impressive trade options before coming across any good ones. PowerOptions is an online options information and trading site that exists to make the process of option investing a lot less laborious and time consuming, and in effect, more lucrative. PowerOptions' API provides a simple solution for interacting with the company's patented suite of tools.


PowerOptions provides users with the necessary tools to increase the possibility of making successful investments. Features include the stock and option screening tool which allows users to select the stocks and options with the highest probability of success, the 'more info' key which makes it possible to examine the stock graphically for more detailed information, and portfolio management tools to enter a position and manage that position to ensure long term success. The folks at PowerOptions say,

"we speak with investors who graduated all the popular seminars every day; we know what you are looking for and how to get you setup using PowerOptions to implement any trading method. The PowerOptions suite of tools was built BY self-directed investors FOR self-directed investors. We have spent the last 15 years incorporating every tool you could need to find, compare, analyze, and manage your self-directed portfolios."

The PowerOptions API uses REST or SOAP and returns XML. It makes it possible for users to handle account management, create pre-defined search reports, perform custom searches, advanced stock chains, quick finds, request stock and option quotes, historical option quotes, and administer a long option finder. Further information is available on the website.

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