SugarCRM Launches SDK for Sugar Mobile

SugarCRM, a cloud-based customer relationship management solution provider, has launched a mobile SDK. Through the SDK, customers can build custom workflows and applications for the Sugar Mobile offering. The mobile SDK provides users with a mobile-based tool similar to what's currently available for the desktop version.

"While the 'mobile-first' era is powering modern businesses, the key to continuing that trend is to fuel the mass customization of the app development process," Rich Green, SugarCRM Chief Product Officer, commented in a press release. "While the Sugar mobile app as delivered is already a powerful and widely adopted solution, the mobile SDK is designed to enable SugarCRM customers and partners to easily create a role-tailored, industry-specific custom mobile experience."

Green is referring to specific data points, and characteristics that are specifically meaningful to a specific user, and that user's business. Those data points could be a customer's revenue, industry, number of employees, or some combination of this data and more. Further, data specific to the mobile format of SugarCRM could include realtime data such as geolocations, push notifications, and much more. SugarCRM is looking to take the next step in customer-centric data by providing application development opportunities with data specific to mobile devices.

The mobile SDK includes public-facing APIs. The SDK guidelines allow developers to implement the APIs in an upgrade-safe format. Customers can utilize the SDK so that custom apps no longer need to be built from scratch. Potential Integration apps include mobile device management tools, custom fields, views and buttons, native device integration (e.g. GPS, camera, etc.) and much more.

The mobile SDK is now available. Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate customers may utilize the SDK. Advanced features, such as offline storage mode and SSO exist within the SDK. Check out the SDK site to learn more. SugarCRM announced the mobile SDK at its annual SugarCon conference.

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