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How many Web 2.0 APIs are there? Even if there was an agreed-upon definition the list would quickly be incomplete. Do you see inaccuracies or things that need clarification here? See ways to make this site better? I can use your help. Please use the Comments form for this entry to let me know what I've missed, what's new, corrections, or improvements. Thanks!

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don't forget Drupal (

in addition to generating RSS for everything

and having a built-in RSS aggregator

it is every easy to extend in on trivial ways by adding a module

and if you add a new content type in a module (like audio), the RSS support, commenting support, etc. is builtin

Suggestion for your Web 2.0 API Reference / audioscrobbler



Some of the above may also not be considered fully web 2.0. You ought to run through everything at


Brandon. I agree that some items in the API DB may not be purely Web 2.0. I've started with a broader definition that allows for web services such as the medical resource sites. I will later sub-categorize these.

Thanks for the references to the other sites. And yes I do follow what's up at <a href="">Techcrunch </a>(which is a great resource). Although the sites you list fall into the Web 2.0 model, at this point they do not appear to have programmatic APIs. They do have RSS/Atom feeds but this in itself is not unique enough for me to include them here. I'm sure someone must be compiling a list of all Web 2.0 companies...

A suggestion in reply to your question about how to make this more collaborative in your first blog post...set up a wiki that allows others to contribute. That said, what this will take is some strong leadership/moderation from you and other key contributors to keep it organized and useful as it grows.

Good luck to you and I'll keep my eye on the site.

Oh, one more thing, I suggest adding an RSS/Atom feed button to the blog. I am fortunate to have a newsreader that figure it out, but others may not.



Second the recommendation/suggestion

Digital Podcast Search Service is a REST based web service that allows remote keyword search of the podcast directory by relevance, listener subscription rate, ratings, visits, total user votes and date added. The service returns results in OPML and RSS formats.

Details on the service can be found at is a demonstration site for the Digital Podcast Search Service api. This new site allows users to search for podcasts by keyword and select the sort order for the results. The functionality demonstrated at can easily be integrated into any application or website using the service API.

Digital Podcast also released an open source Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Podcast Search Service. The SDK provides BSD licensed code examples and libraries for accessing the Digital Podcast Search Service API. The Podcast Search SDK project can be found at .


It will be really usefull if you add an rss feed of the list.

This site looks like a great resource however the menus are unstyled (and overlapping) in Safari. (Sorry, I did try to find a contact form or email address before posting.)

I'm not sure what's wrong with the main navigation but the missing opening ul tag might be causing the problem with the sidebar navigation.

Thanks for including Mint!


Shaun, thanks very much for pointing this out. Just made some updates and this appears to be fixed in Safari (at least the 2.x versions).

why are people calling and data porn?

i am not sure i would call neither Zillow nor DATA PORN, i mean aren’t we helping the consumer make better informed decisions, thus not relying upon the realtor as much, or at least giving the consumer the ability to know when his realtor is screwing him over?

since when is THAT PORN????????????????????

Just wanted to share that in addition to Google Maps, BlockRocker mashes up (or at least taps API's from):,,,, Maxmind (IP localization), Skype, AOL Instant Messenger, and Yahoo Instant Messenger... with more value added integration points in the works... Big thanks to ProgrammeableWeb for helping connect me to all of the great people and services out there. --Rod.

I wonder if it would be possible to categorize the mashups and API`s by country? I am searching for web services for Norway for the moment, and they are impossible to find. I know that most APIs are for the whole world (for instance ebay).

Is it possible for you to make a blog entry requesting APIs and free web services from countries? (Norway..) Thanks for a good webpage! is different from other social-networking sites because it is a google maps mash-up. It lets you share your favourite venues and people around the world with the aim of meeting people online who go to the same bars and restaurants, to help you find those with whom you have something in common.


John, I'm the author of vivirama,

I've completely redone it, and as a consequence, the entry for it in your reference, ,

is not accurate anymore.

The new vivirama is a website where you can post and find housing listings in almost all cities of the world. All kinds of offers: rooms for rent, apartments/office space/parking for sale and rent, swaps, lands. It's obviously integrated with Google Maps, so that you can geographically explore all these offers.

Thanks for your site!

Rhapsody Web Services has grown considerably and the API Profile page needs a refresh to reflect the current state-of-the art. Let us know how we can submit updates to that page.




just a couple of things, one is a correction, I had to move the url for the onNYTurf NYC Subway Map to

other thing is I launched a similar site for the Berlin Metro system. You can find that metro map at

thanks for featuring my site!



I love, LOVE your website. BUT you've made a minor tweak which just bugs the CRAP out of me! Please, please don't open links to external sites in a new window. If you look at any of the top-notch blogging/web2/review sites like TechCrunch you'll see that they open in the same window, not a new one. If you want to offer people the choice, do use your standard icon as well, but default should be open in same window.

The reasoning? I (and probably load of others) come here from a feedreader so already have opened a new window/tab to get here in the first place. Opening another one - particularly when you're going through a list of stuff as you do with RSS - is really annoying.

Apart from that, top dollar!


sorry to say it, but while California does have a lot of sunshine....Florida is the "sunshine state". In case you're curious, Calif. is the "Great Bear Republic"


Mike, your point about opening in a new window is understood. It was added because many readers had complained about how long it took for some of the mashups to load and this allows that to happen more in the background. Your idea of offering both is a good one, perhaps a better solution. Thanks for the suggestion and the kind words on the site.


How to make web applications faster?

One of the biggest hurdles of web applications is that they are considered slow. Gmail is faster than Squirrelmail, but Opera M2 is faster than Gmail. Yet, web applications are experiencing a real boom and rapid adoption. Web applications are more and more snappy, the Internet is faster and faster with broadband, and web application slowness is less and less an issue to the point that more and more users are switching their desktop applications for web applications.

James lets you vote and submit the funniest videos from any of the major video sites: YouTube, Google, Break, Metacafe, etc.


Thanks for adding automatically to your list last November. We're finding that people are saving the site under "shopping" when they bookmark the site.

Is there a way that we can add the "shopping" tag to the site description?

Thanks again!



John, what a great resource! I have just submitted my site to be added to the list. I'd like to put forward a suggestion for adding Open Geospatial Consortium web services as API options (could be marked as OGC: WMS; OGC: WFS; etc.).These are more standards rather than APIs per se (like RSS or GeoRSS) but once you know how to use them, they are great for mashing up! I'm using OGC WMS on my site and there are many others in the GIS community who are very enthusiastic about those services. For your consideration.



is there is way that I can get the lastest article from my emailbox but not login this website? is a website that uses the Google Map API for sharing great locations to take photographs.

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