Suitts Me Trumps 70+ Applications to Win at API Mashup Contest

The API Mashup Contest that invited developers from Central Europe or Germany to submit Mashup ideas or applications has announced its results. The contest saw a huge response from developers and more than 70+ mashup applications were submitted for consideration. In the end the winning applications were a social shopping network, a hotel finder and an application using the Google+ API to help users find interesting people.

“The competition was tough this time and 20 projects appeared frequently in Jury Members’ top 10s," said Pavel Curda, founder of the API Mashup Contest. He also remarked that a quarter of the projects submitted had their team already working fulltime on the idea, which we think is a good indicator of how committed the team members are to turning their ideas into reality. The judges included several top German angel investors. The winning entrants will be provided with mentoring, business advice, finding additional team members and possible seed finance to take their applications to the next level.

Suitts Me, a social shopping network, was named the winner. The network allows you to ask your friends for an opinion before you purchase something like a shirt, shoes or any other accessory. Andrew Fan and Gleb Pitsevich, founders of Suitts Me, believe that in real life we rarely go shopping alone. Instead we go with friends since we want their advice and opinions.

Second place went to Hotel Maps, a hotel finder built around maps and having a database of more than 200,000 hotels worldwide. The key differentiator of Hotel Maps is that they focus on showing the rating and price on the map, so that the most relevant information is seen at a glance instead of several clicks.

Third place went to Google+ Counter, which allows people to find interesting people on Google+. The site is currently getting more than 50,000 hits per day.

The submitted entries also throw up some interesting statistics on the APIs that developers prefer using in their applications. The graphic below shows the most popular APIs used in the mashups. The top four APIs used were Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. That comes close to what we've seen with most popular APIs.

This is the second iteration of the API Mashup contest and it has trumped its previous edition (PDF) with a huge number of entries this time. It is encouraging to see a large number of developers submit their proposals to convert their ideas/applications into viable business opportunities.