SumUp Launches API for In-app Payments

SumUp, a mobile payments rising star, recently announced an API that allows third party apps to accept credit card and cash payments without leaving the app. Prior to the API, SumUp users and customers were required to use the SumUp app in isolation from the merchant app to utilize the slick mobile payments Platform. The API moves the company towards its ultimate goal as SumUp CEO, Daniel Klein, described:

"The launch of our API is a logical next step for us on the way to making cashless payments in everyday life radically more simple....More merchants than ever before are using mobile technology to engage with their customers. Unfortunately, until now a lot of them have had to stop short of actually taking payments through their apps as they haven’t had access to the secure technology and know-how needed to do so. The release of our API means that this issue is solved.  They can now boost the potential of their apps by accepting payments seamlessly and securely, even on-the-go."

The SumUp API uses an XML data format and currently integrates with Android and iOS apps. A developer simply creates a payment request object within his or her app. When the user chooses to pay, the SumUp app launches and the transaction ensues. Developers can request a key at the API site.

Mobile payment providers continue to disrupt the traditional POS market. SumUp already leads the European front as the fastest growing mobile payments provider. With additional features, such as an API, SumUp should further embed itself in the apps marketplace and increase its user base.

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