Supercell Launches Clash of Clans Developer API in Beta

Supercell, Clash of Clans developer, has released a new Clash of Clans Developer API in beta. Aimed at intense gamers, Web developers, Clans, and Clan Wars; the new API should trigger new websites, apps, and additional services dedicated to Clash of Clans enthusiasts. While specifics about the API remain limited during the beta, the developer community expects massive changes within the Clash of Clans community to ensue.

While this may be the first Clash of Clans API aimed at a broad, third party developer community, APIs have always driven the popular game behind the scenes, and the API has been the subject of conversations underlying issues in the past. Opening up the API to a wider audience certainly has its appeal to grow the game, but anytime API owners give developers access to such data, some level of risk accompanies. Developers have long wished for the Clash of Clans Developer API, and Supercell clearly thinks the timing is now right.

Those interested can find the new API at the developer site. The API provides developers and their third party apps to Clan search, global and local leaderboards, Clan and player profiles, leagues and more. Developers need an API key to get started, and can learn more about ramp up via the Getting Started site.

As the limited beta progresses, keep an eye out for added features and new announcements. Those interested in joining the beta can register for access. The Supercell team encourages feedback and reminds developers that continued development on the project is largely up to the developer community through such feedback. From API experience to suggested features, Supercell wants to hear it all. Join the forum to view and offer feedback. 

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